Happy new year!

Posted: January 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

Happy new year!

I really don’t understand why I have been saying that repeatedly to people over the last half hour, its not happy and in my opinion its not fucking new. Same shit different year. Although the drunken phone call from my ex husband was all rather amusing. I will be delighted to remind him about it when he is sober.

As the clock struck twelve wandered outside to watch the fireworks. I must say this year the neighbourhood went a bit mad, an impressive display, and plenty of bagging on saucepans with wooden spoons.

For some reason everyone and their uncle seemed to have those paper lanterns which they sent up into the air. The sky was littered with them. As much as I am miserable and grumpy over the new year, it was a nice sight. Even the elderly couple a few doors down had one. They lit it, held it together before releasing it, then they just sat snuggled up on their bench as they watched it float away. Watching them made me feel emotional, but then I can be a bit of a sap. There was me stood in my drive way in bright pink jogging bottoms, only socks on my feet and a cardi watching the fireworks on my lonesome. Oh so fucking happy!

Although on a happier note I can breathe a little easier today, its still noticeably uncomfortable but better.

Was playing left 4 dead 2 for most of the day. Gruesome but really fun. Unfortunately I had nobody to play with as my gaming buddies were all out for new year and tomorrow they will be nursing ugly hangovers.

So thats it! A new year, hopefully a smoke free more optimistic, productive year.

We will see.



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